Easy Registration to Participate in Auction Bidding


Before bidding in any of our auctions, we require our users to create a bidder profile before registering to bid. We walk you through the process in 4 easy steps: 

1. Create Your Bidder Profile

2. Do Your Homework

3. Register to Bid


4. Bid, Win, and Close! 


How To Create a Bidder Profile and Why it is Important: 

To use our bidding platform, we ask that you create a bidder profile to identify yourself. We don't require a lot of information, but just enough to make sure you aren't a child or a dog. Click Here to Get Started! 

Auction Preparation and Registration Process

We understand that real estate transactions of any kind can be overwhelming and perhaps intimidating for a first time purchaser. Got questions? We’ve got answers:

What kind of homework do I need to do?

The truth is we do most of it for you! We go to great lengths to provide you with all of the information you need to make a decision that’s best for you. Check the auction listing to find all of the following:

It is important that you review these materials and understand the rules for buying at auction before you bid. We do the best we can to provide you with readily available information, but we encourage you to find any additional resources you may need to make a good decision to bid. Don’t forget about the Buyer’s Premium and Earnest Money Deposit. Get the facts, ask questions -- we're here to help!


How do I register for an auction?

Getting registered is easy. We only need a few pieces of information to get started so we can send you approval requirements for the specific auction that interests you. Here are the basic 3 steps:

  1. Go to the listing page of the auction and look for a button on the left that says “Sign-In”
  2. If you don’t have an account with us yet, follow the prompts to create an account and  agree to the “Terms of Use” for our bidding platform (not to be confused with Terms and Conditions)
  3. Once you have created an account, select the auction you are interested in and click “register to bid” fill out the required information and click “submit”. Your registration will remain pending until you have completed our approval process (if necessary).


What is the approval process?

We don’t always require you to be approved to bid, however it is a standard practice for most of our real estate auctions. Before being approved, one of our sale managers will contact you via phone or email to affirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the sale and have submitted Proof of Funds if required. Proof of Funds requirements can be met by:

  • Submitting a bank Letter of Credit
  • Sending us a recent bank statement in your name (for your comfort, we suggest you blackout the account number)

Once you’re approved, we will walk you through auction day process for bidding live, online, or from your mobile device.


How do I bid at an auction?

If you attend a live auction, we can get you registered for the auction on-site as long as you provide your Proof of Funds (if required). If you are bidding from your computer or mobile device, simply follow the prompts on the mobile screen and place your bid according to the price the auctioneer is asking. If you cannot attend the auction in person or don’t have access to a computer at time of auction, you can place a maximum bid through the online platform and allow the system to bid on your behalf at the lowest bid increment. See video below for more instruction on our online bidding platform or let us know if you need help.

More Training Videos Here

Bidding is Binding

Once you’ve registered and been approved for an auction, you will have the right to bid as you wish and each bid you place is a binding contract. If you are the winning bidder, we expect you to sign the contract and deposit your Earnest Money within 5 business hours (M-F 8am-5pm ET)


Here are 4 points to remember before you place your first bid:

  1. Know the terms and conditions of the sale, do your own research, and set a limit that feels comfortable to you financially (and emotionally!)
  2. Remember to factor-in the Buyer’s Premium when placing your bid
  3. Don’t forget about the Earnest Money Deposit needed to secure your purchase
  4. Auctions can be very exciting! Try not to get caught up in the bidding process if you aren’t prepared to commit

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