Auction Services to Maximize Fundraising Efforts


Raising money for a great cause can be one of the most rewarding acts of human kindness, and it can also be one of the most exhausting! Fundraising professionals and nonprofit leaders go to great lengths to keep their organization running smoothly and we understand that profitability makes charitable acts possible.

Your choice to hire a professional fundraising auctioneer can relieve some of the stresses associated with planning every type of fundraising event from the smallest social gatherings to the largest annual galas.


Maximize Our Services, Hire Us Early

One common mistake that organizations tend to make is waiting to hire an auctioneer after a bulk of the planning has been completed. The most successful fundraising events are executed by incredible party planners and knowledgeable Benefit Auction Specialists who work together to maximize the potential of reaching their goals. Fortunately, AMCbid can offer both! With our expert team of consultants, fundraising auctioneers, event planners, and sponsorship brokers, we are a one stop shop for those who need to raise money in fun and exciting ways.


Our Event Planning and Benefit Auction Services range from:

  • Free Initial Consultation- understand the what, when, why, and how of your fundraising goals and the vision for your event, encouraging you to make decisions with auction psychology in mind
  • Event Consultation- advise on event timeline, run-of-show, integration of event theme, sound/video consultation, invitations, and all marketing pieces to maximize donation dollars
  • Auction Consultation- creating strategy for donation items, live vs. silent selection, preparation of “the ask letter” and auction display
  • Team Discovery- meet with committee members, employees, and board members to understand the purpose, goals, and perceived challenges of the actual event
  • Alternative Funding Options- discussing sponsorships, donors and invitees to minimize out of budget expenses and maximize fundraising efforts
  • Message Delivery and Strategy- developing and maintaining the integrity of the cause while effectively demonstrating the importance of donations in a fun and engaging way
  • Fund-A-Need (FAN) Strategy- understanding the WHY behind each tier and how to deliver the message concisely
  • Additional Revenue Builders- offering various opportunities for guests to donate in unique and meaningful ways
  • Story Integration- how to tastefully weave “the story” into every aspect of the event to deliver a strong unified message to attendees
  • Volunteer Training- spending time with event-day employees and volunteers to streamline event procedures, practice event day lingo, and effectively setup check-in and check-out stations
  • Event Day- greet, welcome, and connect with guests as they arrive to build rapport with the audience
  • Donor and guest retention- learn how to cultivate a strong network of donors and a foundation of effective communication with future and past attendees

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