Real Estate Auctions for Investors to Buy REO Properties

Auction Investors 

AMCbid caters to real estate investors on both the buying and selling side of the auction process. Savvy investors are drawn to buying and selling at auction for many different reasons on either end of the transaction.

Investors Sell at Auction to:

  • Quickly sell an asset
  • Free up capital
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Control the terms and conditions of the sale
  • Assure the maximum level of offers through bidding process
  • Ensure the buyer pays the sales commission via the buyer’s premium

Investors Buy at Auction to:

  • Get a great deal
  • Outbid competition for a luxury property
  • Create value through quick cash closing
  • Improve distressed property for resale or income producing property
  • Deal with a bank or other investor instead of sentimental homeowners
  • Obtain unique property types that would otherwise be hard to find through ordinary brokerage listings


Investing in Relationships

AMCbid has many investors who buy assets at our auctions on a regular basis and we have deemed them our “Legacy Investors”.  These individuals have proven they are trustworthy and receive personal phone calls notifying them of upcoming auction deals. Not surprisingly, several of the same investors who buy at our auctions eventually become our sellers. They are interested in auctions for  one or more of the following investment strategies:

  1. Renovating and reselling property for quick capital gain
  2. Upgrading and/or leasing property for long term cash flow
  3. Regional relocation
  4. Portfolio liquidation


Investment Portfolio Liquidation

AMCbid has successfully liquidated portfolios for Lenders, REO or Special Asset departments, Investors, and other owners of large numbers of properties with the fast and efficient auction method.

We sometimes work with investors or organizations that have one or two properties they would like to auction, while at other times we are hired to liquidate an entire portfolio. 

A few reasons people choose to liquidate:

  • Reduce property management time and expense
  • Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Reorganization
  • Freeing up capital for Reinvestment
  • Unexpected illness or death

In a portfolio liquidation, the assets may include a variety of property types, residing in several regions, and in various states of repair. In a few circumstances, AMCbid has auctioned 100+ properties from a portfolio over a few days. One Lender-Owned liquidation included 50+ properties of all types spread over 17 states.

AMCbid has what it takes to be a turnkey solution for all your portfolio disposition needs:

  1. Experience in valuation, marketing and auctioning of all different property types
  2. Licensure to conduct real estate and equipment auctions in every state
  3. Partners in almost every state to assist in auction process
  4. Successful auction history in all 50 states

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