Business Auctions of Rolling Stock and FF&E Liquidations

Business, Rolling Stock and FF&E Appraisals and Liquidations

Liquidations present a unique set of obstacles that a properly executed auction can help overcome, especially for FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) situations. Our liquidation specialists help minimize loss and maximize returns for trustees, bank equipment lending departments, and businesses that require an expedited process.

Liquidation may be the best option under the following circumstances:

  • Repossessed SBA or other small asset loan
  • Undetermined amount of inventory
  • Unaccounted asset value
  • Tight timeline with limited resources
  • Unsure how to categorize, organize, or display items
  • Limited access to liquidation technology and software
  • Unsure how to effectively advertise and market a sale of this kind

Once the personal property auction has concluded, we often sell the real estate associated with the business, which we explain in more detail below under “Liquidating Your Commercial Real Estate”


Liquidation Strategy

With our expert team of appraisers and inventory managers, we can implement auction solutions that will create a smooth and seamless process to expedite a liquidation and help you sleep at night. We strongly encourage using AMCbid to sell or auction the real estate once the asset liquidation has concluded and therefore would be included in our marketing efforts.

The exact process will vary depending on your unique circumstance, however our general approach will consist of these 6 steps:

  1. Assessing inventory valuation, marketing budget and timeline for client approval
  2. Implement marketing plan, highlighting “big ticket” items
  3. Catalog inventory sequence based on bidder psychology
  4. Provide staff for asset organization, online auction input, and security
  5. Market to potential buyers, host inventory and real estate previews
  6. Conduct a successful live and/or online auction and monitor removal of goods


Industrial Liquidations

AMCbid has experience with industrial, construction, heavy machinery, and other FF&E auctions and knows how to target an audience that is capable of valuing, purchasing and shipping large assets. We understand that large equipment and industrial machinery needs to be handled professionally and our number one priority during preview and pickup is safety. To assure personal safety, a secure environment, and quality care for equipment, we will:

  • Hire trusted, experienced, and insured packers or riggers for dismantle
  • Provide secure warehouse space for temporary holdings, if needed
  • Help coordinate deinstallation, crating, and shipping
  • Provide equipment identification code, history and condition to the best of our knowledge

Once the equipment has been purchased and removal dates are established, we typically auction the real estate of the former business, warehouse, manufacturing plant, or industrial yard.


Liquidating Your Commercial Real Estate

Marketing the auction of your commercial real estate in conjunction with your business liquidation is a highly effective way to stimulate interest from potential buyers. There are a number of benefits to this strategy:

  1. Reduce marketing costs by combining efforts
  2. Increase foot traffic by appealing to varying markets and types of buyers
  3. Provide due diligence documents in one location
  4. Gather real estate auction prospects from bidders registered at liquidation sale
  5. Give buyers the opportunity to bid in both auctions

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