Auction Services for the Private Real Estate Owner

Selling As A Private Owner 

As a property owner who is looking to sell real estate or equipment, you can benefit from the auction method in a number of situations. Many people believe that auctions are best suited for financially or physically distressed property that needs to sell quickly. While this is the case for some circumstances, auctions can also be a successful tool for private owners of:

  • Unneeded or unwanted equipment or inventory
  • Real estate in high demand, both commercial and residential
  • Unique or “one of a kind” property
  • Farmland, ranches, and acreage
  • Luxury homes and vacation property
  • Situations with multiple owners who wish to arrive at an equitable distribution, enabling individual heirs or members of the partnership or LLC to bid on the assets


Knowledge is Power: Auction Education

It is normal for someone new to the process to feel hesitant about auctioning an asset until they fully understand the value of the AMCbid method. We want you to feel confident that your best interests are being protected, and we will be the first to tell you if the auction method is not right for your situation.

We establish all Terms and Conditions of the sale prior to signing a contract and give you control of marketing budget, sale date, and closing date.There are a number of procedures we follow prior to auction day to ensure that you have competent bidders who are both financially and emotionally prepared to commit to a purchase.

Learn more about the auction lingo and process here:


Valuing Your Asset and Creating Urgency

Unlike a traditional real estate listing that can sit on the market for months or years at a time, the auction method creates immediate attention and urges interested parties to act fast. After completing a full analysis of property valuation, AMCbid will market the property within the budget allowance in unique and effective ways to attract willing and able buyers. Auctions don’t wait for the market, they create the market!

Once we have completed all market research on your asset, we proceed by:

  1. Creating buzz for your property by utilizing proper advertising channels
  2. Hosting tours and inspections in an inviting atmosphere
  3. Communicating with  prospects and demonstrating the value of the property
  4. Ensuring that all potential buyers fully understand the terms and conditions of the sale
  5. Registering bidders after they have submitted proof of funds and been approved
  6. Hosting an auction event that urges people to bid competitively

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