An Open Letter to Our Clients, Customers and Friends

Because of the nature of our work, many of you are in all three categories and even if we have only just met, we are concerned about you and your families.

During this time of national crisis, AMCbid will continue to be fully open for business, serving the needs of all, to the full extent we are able. 

We will of course follow all best practices for mitigating the spread of the Covid 19 virus because we are especially sensitive to the needs and concerns of the most senior members among our communities. 

Briefly, we would like to note the following for the benefit of all:

  • AMCbid is a geographically diverse organization. Should a local or regional issue arise, we will shift human resources from elsewhere as needed.
  • AMCbid is further bolstered by solid working relationships with dozens of peers who are happy to supply us with subcontracted services, should local needs arise that we are otherwise prevented from attending to personally. 
  • AMCbid is highly invested in online processes and has been for decades. Our auctions, appraisals and consultations have been created, managed and conducted primarily online for the past decade. Our communication and data sharing protocols enable us to have redundant systems so all documents, project plans and contact databases are instantly and securely available to our whole team. Never has that been more of an advantage than now. We are highly proficient operating in the current paradigm. 
  • AMCbid is dedicated to supporting our community as we all go through this together. It has never been more important that everyone in our sphere will still be able to work and put food on the table, as together we weather the storm. 
  • AMCbid will follow best practices for limiting spread of the disease, including all personnel being supplied with N-95 masks and gloves and offering to mask up, as we travel around the U.S. for the functions which require we be hands on with various assets. 
  • AMCbid will use our hearts and our heads to address all concerns based on caring consideration and intellectual honesty. 

Please feel free to speak to us openly and honestly at any time about concerns you might have regarding our continuity of service plans or our approach to community responsibility. We are a small enough firm that you can speak directly at any time to a decision maker. If you feel we need to do more, or if you have unique needs, please give us the chance to be responsive to your concerns. 

Thank you for being part of our community. We believe the best way to get through times like these is for everyone to pull together, work hard and keep open and clear lines of communication. 

Thank you for being with us. You have our support.

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