Mission & Goals

Mission and Goals



We believe that the auction method is a unique and effective way to grow new markets, re-build communities, and raise money for great causes. By supporting our sellers, educating our bidders, and partnering with national industry experts, we strive to be the leading provider of auction resources around the nation. 






We’re excited to announce that we are expanding the company and look forward to taking on new projects as we move forward!



Our Short Term Goals:                                          

  1. To stimulate growth in the auction industry. We hope to create more awareness by providing educational resources and professional support for individuals participating in any aspect of the auction process

  2. To nurture the growth of our affiliate network. We believe that by establishing partnerships with industry experts, we can work together to build a more educated auction community of buyers and sellers 

  3. To respond to the growing needs of our clients. We are committed to evolving with the market by providing user-friendly technology and informative resources to make the auction process easy and fun



Our long-term goals are to diversify our auction services in 3 main directions: 


  1. Strategic community fundraising- we hope to grow awareness for philanthropic organizations about the many benefits of using the auction method to reach fundraising goals and create lasting relationships with donors
  2. Personal property in high demand- we want to demonstrate the importance of using the auction method to liquidate desirable assets with a strategic marketing plan and definitive sale date to create demand and urgency
  3. Estate planning and liquidations- we hope to offer estate planning services that prepare individuals for the future of their assets, land, and collectibles to ease the stress of estate liquidations during times of loss

A Note From Jeb:

We specialize in the rapid disposition of assets at fair market value by financial institutions, bankruptcy estates, and corporate and individual sellers who understand the time value of money. In addition to being a premier real estate auction company, we are a knowledgeable and trusted liquidator of technology assets, industrial and commercial equipment and other business liquidations. Auctions are the best way to buy and sell assets in today’s market environment. Please browse our site to view upcoming auctions, find out why an auction may make sense for you and to learn more about AMC. If you would like us to contact you don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team.

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