Approach & Strategy

It is our mission to apply the auction method in a unique and effective way that helps grow new markets, rebuild communities, and raise money for great causes. By supporting our sellers, educating our bidders, and partnering with national industry experts, we strive to be the leading provider of auction resources around the nation.

What Set’s Us Apart?


The auction industry may be small but the people in it are mighty; we’re lucky to be friends with most of them and work with partners around the country on a regular basis. This gives us a foothold in the market and the ability to offer our services on a national level. Unlike most auction companies who specialize in only one region or one type of auction, we have diversified our team and affiliates in order to offer expertise in several arenas spreading across the U.S. Not to mention, we like to have fun!


Bringing the Past into the Future


Our philosophy is defined by merging the timeless fundamentals of the auction industry with innovative marketing techniques and user-friendly bidding technology. At AMCbid, we have preserved the practices of the auction industry through handshakes, friendships, and the live auction “bid-call” and brought them into today’s modern world by offering sophisticated auction software that supports online and mobile bidding. (link to download app)


Short-Term Goals: Creating Auction Awareness

To stimulate growth in the auction industry. We hope to create more awareness by providing educational resources and professional support for individuals participating in any aspect of the auction process

To nurture the growth of our affiliate network. We believe that by establishing partnerships with industry experts, we can work together to build a more educated auction community of buyers and sellers

To respond to the growing needs of our clients. We are committed to evolving with the market by providing user-friendly technology and informative resources to make the auction process easy and fun