What should I know before I auction?

What Should I Know Before I Sell at Auction?


Once we understand the unique attributes of your asset, we can optimize the auction method that best suits your needs in order to achieve the highest return

We specialize in a variety of auction styles, including: 

  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate
  • Financial Instruments
  • Portfolio & Business Liquidations
  • Personal Property
  • Collectibles & Antiques
  • Charity Fundraising
  • Industrial & Factory Equipment


Sorry parents, unfortunately we don't specialize in auctioning off naughty children, but auctions do offer other ways to free up time, liability, and capital.




Before deciding to sell anything, it is always wise to know what makes your asset unique or desirable.


If we both know what you have to offer, we have a much better likelihood of success. We evaluate every asset thoroughly before determining if it's a good candidate for the auction process.


We're not as desperate as Gertrude and Maude here, we will not recommend that you accept any ole' offer on the table and we'll be the first to tell you if the auction process isn't a good fit for you.  


We advise all of our sellers to review a list of questions to ask themselves before they send their property to auction.




Meet Your Match:


Are you ready to sell your asset?  Do you want to:

  • Free up capital?

  • Reduce operating costs?

  • Set the sale date and closing date?

  • Control the terms and conditions of the sale?

  • Assure the maximum level of bidding for my asset?

  • Use marketing professionals to promote my asset to a wide array of buyers? 




Am I a Good AMC Auction Candidate?

My Asset Rocks

Congratulations asset rocker! If you’ve got a kick-Asset that people want and are willing to pay for, there is no better way to liquidate your property than by the auction method. 

Auctions for high-demand assets are like MasterCard commercials: they’re priceless. 

My Asset is Distressed

Hey, we get it and we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. It’s natural to be hesitant or concerned about what to do next; we hear it all the time: 

Q:  What should I do if my house is underwater?

       A:  Be honest with us. Many times we can get the lender involved as they usually do not want to have to foreclose and may agree to take less 

Q:  What if there is a lien on my property? 

       A:  Let us know. We will tell you if it is likely to be an obstacle 

Q:  What if I’m considering filing for Bankruptcy? 

       A:  Let us give you an honest assessment of value before taking that step. Once you have bankrupted, the rules change 

Q:  What if the property is going into foreclosure? 

       A:  Do not wait until it is too late. We need 30 to 45 days to market a property, and we cant help you if you call 2 weeks before the foreclosure

Good news for what may have seemed like bad news…these “issues” are music to an investor’s ear! 

With the economic changes in real estate over the past several years, our more astute sellers are sending their assets to auction. Likewise, investors have learned the benefits of bidding on distressed real estate.

Hence, why auctions are so popular right now. Savvy buyers rarely purchase from agents these days. Auctions have become one of the most common ways to pick up an asset and our investors are gobbling up real estate.

My Business Needs Liquidating 

We call it FF&E in the auction world.  It stands for furniture, fixtures, and equipment and we’ve done everything from door manufacturing plants to commercial grade security systems to movie sets. Some of our best buyers are second-hand FF&E distributers and will generally pay a pretty penny to snatch up these goods in bulk.  

I want to clean up my portfolio

There’s nothing better than cold hard cash. For many of our sellers, they are ready to stop the bleed of property taxes and other expenses to free up cash and invest in other projects. Whether you’re tightening up your investment portfolio, raising money for other investments, or require funds for pay off creditors, the auction method is a sure-fire way to raise cash as fast as possible. 

I want to raise money for my foundation/charity

Bake sales are nice and sweet, but they may not provide the big donation dollars that a successful auction could bring. We understand the value in strategic auction fundraising and can help guide you through the most effective auction methods from A to Z.